“Art and creativity literally changed the course of my life.”

Jeffrey Sparr

Artist and Co-Founder

“It’s a shame that it took a pandemic to shed light on the epidemic of mental health.”

Although life took an early, unexpected turn for Jeffrey Sparr, he still considers himself to be one of the lucky ones. A collegiate athlete, Sparr was no stranger to pushing through discomfort to achieve a goal, but when a mental health crisis overtook his ability to carry on as usual, Sparr was given the improbable advice to try painting. Sparr credits that advice, along with an early diagnosis and treatment for OCD, as the turning point in his life. 


While Sparr’s experimentation with creativity and painting was initially motivated by a desire to find some peace of mind, he soon discovered the life-changing power of artistic expression. Since then, Sparr has been dedicated to his life’s most meaningful work: the creation and growth of PeaceLove, the organization he co-founded to help individuals and communities find emotional relief. Based on Sparr’s own struggle with mental health issues that continue to carry a stigma in most cultures, PeaceLove’s low-pressure, self-care method uses simple, creative activities as a journey to peace of mind.


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