“We really believe that food is medicine.”

Kevin Conner

Chief Operating Officer

“The moment I walked in, I could see there was something different about this job.”

For Kevin Conner, the road to Community Servings was anything but linear. After graduating with a degree in accounting, Conner quickly realized his future required a role where he could be in service of people. From there, Conner pursued a culinary degree and worked his way up through the kitchen at some of the northeast’s most well-known restaurants, ultimately serving as Executive Chef at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Still, Conner felt something was missing and decided to make a change. In 2012, Conner joined Community Servings as Executive Chef.


At Community Servings, Conner marries his passion for food with a mindset of service. Dedicated to showing the community at large that food serves a purpose higher than merely providing sustenance, Conner has become a beloved figure within the organization, as much for his intentional, attentive communication style with his team and volunteers as for his habit of singing joyfully in the hallways. 


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