Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and network was already performing at the level of the nation's elite rehab organizations, yet its recognition and reputation were primarily confined to the Boston area. Our mission was to develop a brand platform and campaign to elevate Spaulding as one of the preeminent rehabilitation care organizations in the world, improving its ranking and driving future growth.

Brand Platform

Following extensive market research and in-depth one-on-one discussions with patients, families, and caregivers, Forge helped develop Spaulding's brand platform – the why of Spaulding, composed of its mission, values, positioning, and its promise of never quitting on patients. The brand platform is brought to life in the theme “Find Your Strength", an idea and mantra that resonates with patients, family members, and caregivers, capturing the physical, spiritual, and emotional commitment required to heal. This platform provided the foundation to significantly elevate Spaulding's reputation, increase patient referrals, and inspire and unite the Spaulding community.

Integrated Advertising Campaign

Forge developed and implemented a multi-layer advertising and media strategy to raise awareness of Spaulding among the general public, clinician community, and prospective patient audiences nationwide. Integrated campaigns were then developed using TV, video, geo-targeted digital, print, and radio, designed to engage our audiences using Spaulding’s patient success stories and thought leadership to raise both awareness and public opinion.

Reputational Branding

Forge developed a focused integrated campaign aimed at peers and influencers, spotlighting Spaulding's cutting-edge research and compelling patient stories alongside key performance indicators. This strategic initiative was instrumental in elevating Spaulding's U.S. News Ranking from a #8 position nationally, to an impressive #2 national ranking, demonstrating the power of targeted storytelling to enhance professional reputation.

Storytelling Content

Our work for Spaulding centered on showcasing Stories of Strength across all marketing channels. We strived to depict patients and caregivers as remarkable individuals through intimate portraits, providing hope and a way forward for those facing injury or illness.