Selux improves patient health, helps healthcare organizations run more efficiently, and eliminates overmedicating patients with antibiotics to control antibiotic resistance – a looming global health hazard. Forge worked with Selux to clearly define the value of their precision diagnostics to labs, hospitals, and healthcare organizations, ultimately driving trial and sales of Selux Rapid Testing equipment to replace legacy equipment supplied by older, international competitors.

Brand Identity

Selux’s brand promise is the delivery of both greater speed and greater accuracy – a previously unrealized combination that helps labs and hospitals hone-in faster on the drug(s) that can help patients the most. Our brand platform – the why of Selux, based on its mission, values, promise and positioning is crystalized in the thought “Redefining speed.” This simple, differentiating thought provides the foundation to highlight the substance of Selux’s science – its comprehensive “bug/drug” testing menu and same-day results – helping to spur trials of Selux’s rapid testing delivery platform.

Brand Video

Developing a compelling brand visual identity was critical to differentiate Selux from the staid brands and technology of larger, established, international competitors. Using a combination of unique colors, modern typography, succinct messaging, and bold human and scientific imagery, we developed a look for Selux unlike anything else in the microbiology market. A look that exudes both humanity and global-leading innovation.

Events & Tradeshows

As a company, Selux never forgets their mission to help humanity. Selux also makes an incredibly complex diagnostic science simple, and brings efficiency to healthcare organization users. In a crowded, overly-scientific conference and online space, we designed a look that embodies all that Selux represents – the innovation, the disruption, the efficiency, the humanity.