The National Fire Protection Association is known for developing and selling fire and life safety codes to help electricians, architects, and workers everywhere build a safer world. NFPA, however, does far more. Our job was to help reposition NFPA from a publisher of printed codes and standards to the world’s leading source of safety knowledge – to help NFPA create a modern brand to increase its membership and to sell more education, training, and certification programs, and online codes and standards.

Brand Platform

NFPA’s brand promise is to develop the world’s best life safety knowledge and training to help keep the world safe. Working with NFPA leadership in workshops and through interviews, Forge discovered an important truth – that NFPA’s global network of intelligence drives its ability to deliver on its promise. From this insight the NFPA’s brand platform was born – the why of NFPA, built upon its mission, values, positioning, and promise. NFPA’s why is this: by helping its global network come alive to work together, NFPA literally helps keep the world alive. Our theme, “It’s a big world, let’s protect it together” is an active, resonant call to arms that has helped enliven and rally workers everywhere to improve global safety.

Brand Video

NFPA has spent more than a century serving a mission to improve global safety, and wanted a cohesive brand that could truly engage their stakeholders and inspire them to join that mission. That was the challenge they handed Forge.

Events & Tradeshows

Forge has developed signage and promotional materials for NFPA’s annual Conference & Expo®. From booths to escalator wraps to digital displays, Forge brought the NFPA brand to life in a large-scale setting.


Forge has helped promote NFPA and NFPA LiNK– NFPA’s digital codes offering– across platforms including programmatic display, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.