The Isenberg School of Management isn't aiming to be Harvard Business School, nor does it desire to. Students and faculty are drawn by the quality of the programs, the impactful research, and the strong career placement, not merely the prestige of the name. Our mission was to help Isenberg attract the right students and faculty, enhancing enrollment and boosting its reputation.

Brand Platform

Isenberg's brand promise is to offer hard-working students an even more rigorous curriculum to propel them forward. In-depth research revealed an innate grit and independence that was unique to the Isenberg student. This crystallized the brand platform we created with Isenberg. The brand platform – the why of the Isenberg brand – built from its mission, values, promise and positioning, is distilled in the theme "We Drive The Driven." This theme brings the Isenberg promise to life. It connects with and inspires Isenberg's students, faculty, and alumni, transforming our research and insights into a powerful rallying cry that informs creative development, advertising, and media strategy.

Advertising Campaign

Our integrated campaign, rooted in the brand platform, spotlighted Isenberg's exceptional programs and motivated alumni and students to boost enrollment. Leveraging targeted digital ads, MBTA station takeovers, TV spots, public radio series with luminaries like Steve Wozniak, and social campaigns for online learners, Isenberg broke through the clutter and drove substantial impact.

Landing Pages

Isenberg’s marketing and advertising efforts are further supported by their website landing pages. Forge developed compelling landing page content and imagery to drive prospective graduate students to apply to Isenberg, improving not only application volume, but enrollment as well.