Harvey Building Products, known for supplying custom-made orders of windows and doors to contractors in New England, needed to expand its market to appeal to consumers. Forge helped Harvey reposition its brand to reflect its quality construction and compete with rival market leaders like Pella and Anderson.

Brand Platform

Harvey’s brand promise has always been the delivery of quality building products and the removal of service headaches. As the price of building products and renovations has skyrocketed, our research revealed that both contractors and homeowners need to feel even more confident in their buying decisions. Contractors need quality materials, and the exact right orders delivered at the exact right times. Homeowners need products that last and the latest technologies to help lower their energy bills. The brand platform developed – the why of Harvey – built from its mission, values, promise and positioning, is distilled in the theme "Install confidence”, a straightforward, meaningful directive that supports compelling demonstrations showcasing Harvey quality.

Advertising Campaign

“Install Confidence” was brought to life through authentic stories and memorable product demonstrations. Contractors and homeowners have a nose for the authentic. They want the facts on how well windows are made. From scientific demonstrations, to memorable and factual story-telling, we relied heavily on video to prove Harvey’s quality. No fluff. No fashion. Just fact-filled messaging highlighting Harvey’s product quality and service reliability in the most challenging environments.

Content Marketing

Our content strategy enhanced the brand platform, mixing education with entertainment for contractors and homeowners. We featured a window lab scientist and a contractor in video demos, revealing their nerdy appreciation for Harvey's technology. Another video spotlighted Harvey's sponsorship with Homes for our Troops, showcasing Harvey’s commitment to giving back.

Brand Integration

To elevate the Harvey brand, we focused on boosting customer confidence across all brand touchpoints. By revitalizing their website, and creating engaging brand videos, sales enablement tools and content,, and launching digital and social campaigns, we made the selection of the right windows easier and more enjoyable, fostering trust and confidence in the Harvey brand.