Harvard Medical
Faculty Physicians

Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians (HMFP) is a 2,100+ physician organization affiliated with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School in Boston. HMFP’s communications team was recently formed in 2021, the first in its 30-year history, and Forge worked with this team to build a brand that conveys HMFP as an inviting community to support and nourish physicians both professionally and personally to do their best work.

Brand & Visual Identity

HMFP’s brand promise is to deliver a nurturing and energizing home to great physicians. The foundational first step to help HMFP further develop its physician community, and communicate to it, was to create a brand identity aligned with the organization’s vision moving forward. After numerous workshops and stakeholder interviews to capture and codify that vision, Forge helped develop a new logo, graphic guidelines, and web redesign critical to helping HMFP deliver on its promise. Forge developed a logo and visual identity system as polished, professional, and human as the physicians and staff who comprise HMFP.


The healthcare marketing world is full of stock photos and stuffy design. To make HMFP truly stand out, Forge designed a site focused on storytelling, putting a human face to the organization by showcasing real HMFP members and their latest news and achievements. The new site is modern, professional, and collegiate. Its use of refreshing secondary brand colors adds vibrancy and intrigue to the site design. The new website is already effectively recruiting new physicians and sharing benefits with current members.