Avel eCare, formerly Avera eCare, operates a central command care facility in Sioux City, S.D. staffed with physicians, surgeons, and emotional care specialists to provide virtual assistance to rural hospitals and schools to help them provide better care. Forge worked with Avel to not only share their technology but their faith mission to help health practices everywhere work smarter and more efficiently using Avel telehealth to provide complete patient care.

Brand Campaign

Avel’s brand promise is to deliver valuable, often lifesaving healthcare wherever it’s needed, whenever it’s needed. Avel’s command center technology, and on-call physical and emotional expertise, transform rural healthcare, and the efficiency with which rural care providers work. The brand platform developed with Avel – the why of the brand – synthesizing the aforementioned brand promise and Avel’s value and positioning, is captured in a direct, approachable theme “Here to help.” This simple statement erases the distance between patients and caregivers and erases the challenges healthcare companies have getting the assistance they need to provide their patients care. Our platform was designed to share human stories that speak volumes about the value of Avel’s technology and expertise.

Site Design and Development

Forge also re-platformed the prior Avel website to a new platform – WordPress – for ease of regular updates. Forge then redesigned the site to reflect the look-feel of the new Avel brand.

Events and Tradeshows

Forge brought the new brand to life in in-person event and trade show collateral as well, designing an event booth and handout materials for attendees.