June Roundup: A new brand rises from the flames and new hires move into the office.

June Roundup: A new brand rises from the flames and new hires move into the office.

Author: Forge Team

29 June 2017

Fourth of July weekend is just around the corner and we can’t wait to kick back and enjoy a stint of patriotic themed R&R.  Why not? We’ve had a busy month with our biggest brand launch yet.

The NFPA rebrand: Fire, life and building safety never looked so good.

After countless hours concepting and crafting, our hard work came to fruition with the launch of the new NFPA brand at their yearly Conference and Expo. Check out the brand video below and scroll through the gallery of the work that accompanied it.

May flowers bring June hires. 

With the passing of spring we bid adieu to three beloved Forgers, Anna, Dylan and Mauricio. But their seats (or a piece of carpet in the case of Dylan’s old standing desk) didn’t have a chance to cool down before these three wonderful women came in to fill them.

First, joining us from SF by way of BU and Brafton, is our new account manager on NFPA, Allyson Dilsworth. Next, after far too long without a resource manager, we found someone fearless enough to take the reins and organize this place in Kristen McCusker. And finally, Forge’s own little boomerang, Erinn Scammon, returns for her third stint as designer.

From l to r: Erinn Scammon, Kristen McCusker, and Allyson Dilsworth. Welcome to the Forge.

The birth of a new tradition (we hope).

We celebrated our June Birthdays with cupcakes from Georgetown cupcakes on Newbury street. Not only do they make the best cupcakes, but they also make the best cupcakes. Look at them. Taste the screen if you must, though we recommend just paying a visit to their store at 83 Newbury Street, no birthday required.

BTW, this better become a thing because my birthday is next month.