July Roundup: Hot month, hot kicks, hot dogs

July Roundup: Hot month, hot kicks, hot dogs

Author: Forge Team

25 July 2017

Wouldn’t you know it, July has come and gone. What a scorcher it was! We had a few birthdays and a few vacays, yet still managed to get a bit of new work out the door.

Say hello to our little friend

Earlier in the month we dropped a blooper reel from our latest campaign for Jibo. If you’re not familiar, Jibo is a little home assistant robot with a big personality. But, hey, we’ll let him speak for himself.

And here’s some more Jibo work.

We’ve got a case of the #MoveMondays

To get pumped at the start of the week, we’re launching a series of posts featuring inspiration from a different Forger each time. Leading the charge is our illustrious CD, Jim Bell. Fun fact: everyone at Forge gets to design their own pair of NikeiD shoes with a personal “Move” phrase. What do you think of Jim’s AF1s?

What is your “MOVE” phrase and how does it reflect your personality/work ethic?

“Gotta move – I believe when you stop wanting to learn and evolve, you’re ready to retire. “

What “moves” you inside the office?

“Creating work that makes people feel how I want them to feel. It’s a little power trip.”

What “moves” you outside of the office?

“Trying new things”

Let’s be franks for a moment

On July 18, we had nothing but hot dogs on the brain. And to celebrate National Hot Dog Day, we put this little video together. Don’t worry, no dancing hot dogs were harmed in the making of this clip.


That’s all for now. Come back next month for Brandathon, the Forge Summer outing and lots more.