Forge makes moves — A new way forward for a change-oriented agency

Forge makes moves — A new way forward for a change-oriented agency

Author: Forge Team

28 February 2017

We did it. Our team just wrapped up an extensive brand overhaul for one of the most challenging clients we’ve ever had — ourselves. Perhaps you’ve noticed the new website, fresh social feeds, or updated logo, but this repositioning is about more than parallax scrolling and a more vibrant red.

Forge has been in the brand-building business for nearly 13 years, and for the past five we’ve used “Building Deeper Human Connections” to describe what we do. And it’s still true. But as the agency — and the world — has evolved, we’ve realized it’s bigger than that. So, we set out to craft a mission, vision, and brand for the agency that reflects not just who we are, but who we want to be. Something to live up to.

We’re the first to admit — putting a team of brand strategists and creative thinkers in a room to work out an assignment as ambitious as this can lead to surplus of ideas and opinions. But in this case, we reached a consensus clearly and quickly.

The truth we recognized? Forge does many things. But in the end, we do one thing. We move.

We move consumers, creating in them feelings so strong that they don’t just engage with our brands, they truly believe in them.

We move our clients, setting the stage for them to involve, understand, support, and ultimately fall in love with their customers.

We move each other, thriving in an agency culture fueled by teamwork and inspiration.

In an industry that is always changing, amid a multitude of companies terrified of being left behind by those changes, we will be the agency that harnesses change, embracing it and channeling it into fuel for our work.

We will try the newest technologies without becoming married to any of them. We will put forth unorthodox ideas without hesitating to rethink and reform them. We will see the world as it is and all the ways it may soon be, asking “what if?” with a sense of excitement at the possibilities, not fear of the unknowns.

We will constantly move ourselves, our clients, our ideas, and our work to new places, experimenting and optimizing to keep up with a world that never stands still. It won’t always be perfect, it won’t always be easy, but it sure as hell won’t ever be ordinary.

When in doubt, we’re going to just keep moving. This is the new charter of Forge Worldwide.

So, if you want to talk action, exploration, progress, experimentation, and beyond, you know where to find us — on the move. But don’t worry, we’ll always be there to take your call.