Awards To Live By

Awards To Live By

Author: Forge Team

29 March 2017

Success matters. But at Forge, it’s important to us that humanity isn’t sacrificed at the altar of success. In fact, we believe that empathy and integrity and all that good stuff usually lead to success all on their own. To prove it, we created the Forge Code Awards.

The “Codies” aren’t about numbers. They aren’t about short-term goals. They’re about becoming a better company by becoming better people. We attach these symbols of success to the Forge Code, a set of company values that help guide our decisions, and we empower our team to recognize people who do great things the right way.

It’s a one-day event, but it has repercussions throughout the year. Rather than the Code being simply a set of words on a wall, it becomes something we strive to live by. And we do it in small ways throughout the year, thanking someone for their hard work, volunteering to help out on a project, showing enthusiasm in everything we do. The Codies help us acknowledge those moments whenever they occur.

When we all gather for this year’s awards, we’ll know that it isn’t a popularity contest. It’s a humanity contest, rooted in the defining values of our company. And while only a handful of people will be taking home awards, we’ll all have gained something more valuable: proof that we’re moving in the right direction.