Freelance Copywriters, Art Directors and Designers

At Forge, we’re always on the look-out for freelance copywriters, art directors and designers, that we can rely on time and time again when we need support or extra creative brain power.

We’re looking for talent who understand that a copywriter’s job isn’t to write copy. It’s to create bold, attention-demanding ideas and do whatever is required to make them real. And yes, usually that involves writing some brilliant copy.

We’re looking for passion beyond Photoshop. Talent who believe a great idea is just as beautiful the moment it’s conceived as it is after it’s designed, and therefore delights as much in the thinking as they do in the building.

We’re looking for energy that matches our own. Because here, whether we’re getting to understand a client’s needs and inner workings, or working on ideas that will shape the future of their brand, we’re always buzzing, moving, creating, and improving.

Sound like we’re looking for you?

If this sounds good to you, email with a link to a portfolio, a note, Twitter, Instagram or anything else that shows you have:

  • Lots of awesome ideas
  • Relevant experience
  • A positive attitude and sense of humor

Talk to you soon.

Forge Worldwide is an equal opportunity employer. In case you were wondering.

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