Brand Identity

Cybereason is one of many burgeoning cybersecurity companies dedicated to helping enterprises keep safe from cybercrime. Cybereason’s Intellectual advantage is that their platform, using machine learning and AI, processing massive data, can correlate uncorrelated events connecting pieces of information to reveal an entire threat story and shut it down. Cybereason’s technology is unparalleled.


Though many insiders know Cybereason is the company to help when no one else can, the world didn’t know Cybereason. The market is flooded with players outspending Cybereason 50 to 1. We helped Cybereason bring the incarnation of its focus, tenacity, stealth, and killer instinct to life to embody its technological advantages. Cybereason is a Marvel Hero in a dark world of cybercrime. We helped Cybereason rally all enterprises to the mission of true cybersecurity by inviting them to join Cybereason’s world of “defenders.” By helping develop and leverage a memorable icon, we’ve helped Cybereason become known and respected, outshining the overspending of competitors. Cybereason does meaningful work. We are proud to help them succeed.


Cybereason was looking for a brand concept that would be rooted in their recently developed brand strategy and refreshed visual identity. This concept helped cultivate deep customer engagement and affinity across multiple channels, media, and experiences.


To drive awareness and increase the target audience, Forge produced programmatic displays highlighting the distinct brand.