Eric Percoco

Art Director

If Eric’s hands go a week without making something, he’ll have been dead for seven days. A natural-born creative, Eric brings his ‘A’ game whether he’s making a big-budget campaign or a friendship bracelet. Prior to graduating from the Creative Circus’ Art Direction program, Eric worked as a landscaper, a U.S. Army Sergeant, and a Catholic school science teacher. — Yes, Eric’s journey towards a career in art direction hasn’t exactly been a linear process, but that’s exactly what makes him the different kind of thinker he is today, and an immeasurable asset to the Forge team and clients alike.

Outside interests: Being a good son/husband/father/earthling, Industrial data plates, Golden Retrievers, Cabana shirts, Microcontrollers, Ragdoll cats


“Find what you love and let it kill you.”

Charles Bukowski