Our Work

The flowers are flowering, marathon season is over, the Codies happened, and it’s finally starting to feel a bit like spring in Boston. Here at Forge, we’re springing forward with new social content, someone to handle the books, and lots of bubbles.

Real Relationships Make Great Social

Social media is all about connecting people to each other, so for our spring campaign for Rockland Trust, we decided to focus in on the connections that build relationships. We talked to the same people we featured in our TV spots and found out what really made their relationships tick.

Introducing Bill, Who Handles the Bills

Numbers can be difficult. So we hired someone who speaks their language. Bill is our new Senior Accountant, and we interrupted his day to ask some very important questions.

Have you seen The Accountant starring Ben Affleck and is that what got you into accounting?

I have not! So no, that’s not what got me into accounting. I need to see it though.

Which Forge dog is your favorite Forge dog?

Mia. She’s the only one I’ve met so far. I’ve never met a dog like that. She just walks around the office with her head down.

Do you know everyone’s name yet?

[Long sigh] Let me think. Yeah, I think I could go around and do everyone’s name. When I joined a fraternity, I didn’t know everyone’s name after a month and they called me out on it. I have a bit of PTSD from that. So yeah, I can do everyone’s name here for sure.

You’re from Indiana. What’s it like being in Patriots territory?

That’s tough. I’m trying to decide what to do there. I’m a lifelong Colts fan, but the Super Bowl parade got me pumped up. So I might jump on the bandwagon.